Reconnect with yourself through Barbera's Walks


The Affirmation walk

Wandelen in de natuur - ArnhemWhat are we going to do?

During the affirmation walk we will repeat a powerful positive sentence on our walking rhythm , the so called affirmation.

What is the result?

Working with affirmations helps to (re) program your sub consciousness.  It will improve your self confidence and improve your overal health

For whom?

For everyone who wants to have a positive life, who wants to improve their self confidence and wants to work on improving their health. 

The breathing walk

ademhalinhswandeling 2beinbalance arnhemWhat are we going to do?

During the breathing walk we will walk to the rhythm of your breath, 4 breaths in and 6 breaths out. We will find your ideal rhythm and this way you get to experience the difference between a high and a low breath. 

What is the result?

This walk helps people to become conscious about their breathing and what it does for their body, their system and their peace of mind. It brings peace and quiet and helps bring you closer to yourself so that you become aware of the present moment. 

For whom?

This walk is for everybody who wants to be centered and grounded, so that you stand firm in your own life and are closer to yourself. 

The slowing down in silence walk

vertragende stiltewandeling 2beinbalance arnhemWhat are we going to do?

During this walk, we slowly decrease our walking speed and we will walk in nature in silence. Nature is The place to be when working on recovering from your burnout. Body and mind are exhausted, so let nature do her job (slow down, be quiet). 

What is the result?

The goal of this walk is to reconnect a person with their body to see things in a different light. 

For whom?

For those who have a burnout and/or want to reconnect with their body and the elements surrounding them. 

The Stressrelease walk

Stress release wandeling 2beinbalance arnhemWhat are we going to do?

This walk consists of 4 fases. The 1e fase is a walk in silence. The 2e fase is the fase of physical awareness. Fase 3 is about noticing our surroundings. In the last fase,  the4e fase, we will look at the balance between your inner- and outer world.

What is the result?

A journey through nature: from stress to a beginning burnout and from a full-blown burnout to the way out. You will learn to listen to your body and to take steps in recovering your balance. 

For whom?

For people with e (beginning) burnout, who want to feel the connection with their body again. 

The life journey walk 

levensloop wandeling 2beinbalance arnhemWhat are we going to do?

During this walk we will discuss your whole life's journey or part of it. During our discussion we will make reference to nature and what we see there. We will associate intuitively with what we see in nature herself or on the paths going through nature. Most people tell me afterwards that the paths they walked closely reflect their life's journey. 

What is the result?

Insight into questions about the present, the past and the future. Or Insights that will help you with your decision making. 

For whom?

For everyone who has a questions they want answered. For everyone who could use some help making the (right) decision. 

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