VIP Day - Embrace your HSP

HSP VIP DAY 2beinbalance Arnhem

This is the day for the highly sensitive person who wants to get all the great & useful tools to be able to keep themselves in balance no matter what! Are you ready to take the necessary steps to become your own energy-, emotion & stressmanager? To live your life with passion, to use your HSP as a strength and to trust your intuition? To really enjoy your sensitive gift in stead of having to deal with the challenges? Then this is the day for you!

The day for ambitieus HSPs!

Are you ready to take action?

This day is for ambitieus HSPs who quickly want to grow in their personal development, who want to break through their barriers, wo are done with their limiting beliefs but find it difficult to let go of old pains and/or obstructive behavior. Who want to learn how they not only feel their boundaries, but set them as well. Who want to learn how to manage their own energy, so that they can prevent their 'bucket' from overflowing. This day teaches you to  confidently give direction to your life in a loving, focused and authentic manor. To stay in balance no matter the circumstances and to let go of the things that no longer serve you.  

The program consists of:

VIP HSP Day 2beinbalance ArnhemYour 1-op-1 personal VIP-day

We start out with your personal HSP VIP-day; a full program (with a delicious lunch!) whereat the end of the day you go home with your personal HSP strategy. This strategy includes your own personal HSP Rescue Kit, a kit full of practical and useful tool for maximum result! With these tools you are now the boss over your own emoties, your own energy AND your own stress level. You are now ready to break through your barriers and to take big steps in your personal development and growth so that you can start living from your HEART, your passion, your strength and your intuition. So that you too can feel like your effortless self (again).

For 4 weeks every Monday & Friday a Skype - coaching session 

Because old habits die hard and breaking through your patterns can be difficult. We need to re-program your auto-pilot as it were and that takes time. That is why I want to offer you a month long of skype coaching after you have had your personal VIP-day. In these sessions we will work on whatever challenges or questions you encounter during these 4 weeks. How will this work? We start every week with a Skype session, so that you start your week with your most important point of action to help you remain focused on what is most important to you. We will end the week with a Skype session in which we will reflect on what went good that week and what could have gone better. This will help you to take big steps in your personal development and growth.

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Bonus HSP VIP day Arnhem 2beinbalance
BONUS: An entire month of HSP e-coaching

After your VIP-day you will get a whole month of HSP e-coaching support. You can mail me af often as you need e and I wil answer all your questions!  Take the first step towards your effortless self today!

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For Whom?

Leef vanuit je hart HSP 2beinbalance arnhemDo you recognize yourself in 3 or more of the following statements?

I keep encountering the same things in life and I would really like to solve them
I know high sensitivity is a gift, but I am not sure if I feel  its a gift to me
I find being highly sensitive difficult at times
I want to experience and use my high sensitivity as a positive thing
I want to live my life from the heart, in a way that suits me
I want to know how I can feel my boundaries and how I can make sure people don't cross them
I miss having a sparringpartner to give me a kick in the behind
I know it is time for to take some steps in my life. And this is the first one...!

The VIP-Day Embrace your HSP is perfect for you. Register now or contact me if you have any questions.

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For whom NOT?

Falen HSP 2beinbalance arnhemThis program is not for everyone. If you recognize yourself in the following statements, than this program is not for you.

My high sensitivity is my bottleneck
I don't feel that I am being taken seriously
I am afraid to fail, so I wil likely not succeed at this either so why bother
This is a part of life, I wil never succeed in changing anything
I don't have time or money to invest in myself
I don't find myself important enough to go to so much effort
I think I can do this all on my own without any help

When 1 or more statements apply to you then this VIP day is not the day for you. Being an HSP can be overwhelming and it can even paralyse you. My online program High Sensitive Very Normal is then a great way for you to start learning your own unique highly sensitive usermanual, in your own time, at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home. Having doubt? Contact me and we will look together at which program helps you the best!


What's the price?

Your VIP Day HSP 2beinbalance ArnhemThe VIP- Day Embrace your HSP costs €  1.597,= (incl. 21% btw)* and is incl. your personal VIP-dag, a unique blueprint of your personal HSP Strategy and a practical toolkit with which you can balance yourself, your energy, your emotions and your stress no matter the circumstances. BONUS: a whole month of  HSP e-coaching!

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*you can also pay in 4 terms of € 449,00 (incl. BTW), Click here.

*INTERESTING TAX-TIP: Are you already following an education, course etc? Then this entire investment is deductible as education costs. It is also possible to deduct all medical costs not covered by your insurance.

Do you want to know if you are eligible? Check the site of the belastingdienst.


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