Nicely in Balance

Package 2: Nicely in Balance

Deep valley HSP burnout 2beinbalance arnhemFor whom?

  • Are you constantly feeling tired? Have you lost faith in yourself? Are you afraid that you failed? Not able to stop worrying? 
  • Is everything just too much for you, are your own reactions confusing you and are you crying about nothing and everything at the same time? 
  • Are you afraid you will never get out of your burnout? And don't know what to do or where to start to change that? 
  • Do you have all kinds of physical complaints like a headache, stomach/intestine problems, sore muscles etc? 

Than the Nicely in Balance is for you!

Come in balance and stay in balance

With the Nicely in Balance package you will get everything from the basic package like insight into yourself, your usermanual, your qualities, your burn-out and the way you think, but you will also get the tools you need to lower your stress level effectively so that you are the manager of your stress, your emotions and your energy too. We will also work on your physical complaints and bring back balance to your body and your mind.

Make your own Rescue Kit!

In the Nicely in Balance package we will work on getting in balance and staying in balance. We will do this by making your personal HSP Rescue Kit. This kit has all the tools and exercises you can use to manage your stress and emotions, so that you will avoid another burnout. Besides these valuable tools, you will also receive tools to master your own energy so that nothing is stopping you in the future.

Increase your self-confidence!

We will also work on increasing your self confidence and growing your sense of self-worth. You are able to plan and structure your life again. You worry less and you are no longer suddenly overwhelmed by emotions. You will feel more sure of yourself and you will want to explore and discover things again.

What's in the package?

The Nicely in Balance package consists of 9 sessions of 1-1,5 hours (usually weekly). Besides being in balance we will also work on staying in balance, both physically and mentally. My unique method can consist of a combination of coaching and acupuncture for maximum results. You are always the one to decide, I only guide you.

What can you expect?

We will start with an Effortless Self Session to get to know each other. You than decide if you want to continue. Yes? Than we will have an extensive intake and prior to this intake I will send you a question form. We will discuss your answers during the intake call. Together we will look at your wants and needs and what will be the best way to get you feeling like yourself again.

Wat heb jij nodig? HSP burnout 2beinbalance arnhemThe (nature or skype) coaching sessions will either take place with me in nature or through skype on the PC. The advantage of coaching in nature is that nature will act as a second coach and this will help us to get to the root of the problem quickly. But coaching via skype can be just as effective and it will save you travel time and expenses. The choice is yours.

If you choose acupuncture also, we will look at what makes you physically out of balance and what is the root cause of your tiredness. We will also look at what is holding you back from being your effortless self and how you can let go of it. We will take time to reconnect with your passion so that you have a goal in life that gives you energy

What is the result?

You will have gained valuable insight into your own user manual, your highsensitivity, your burnout, your qualities, your limits, the way you think and growing your self confidence. You will have more energy and you will have made your own HSP Rescue kit to use in times of stress. Your physical complaints have gone away and  you feel much much better. You are able to plan your life again and to remain focused on your dreams and goals. You feel strong and confident and in balance!

What else am I getting?

Extra bonus(ses) are:

  • The HSP Survial guide, how to remain standing when the world overwhelms you.
  • my tips & tricks, every 2 weeks, with extra valuable knowledge and special offers
  • a dietary and exercise guide that will help your body to recover from your burnout.
  • acces to the Facebook group where you can talk with like minded people, because it is so great to connect with people who really get you.
  • free email support during our whole time together.
  • meditation mp3's to help you practice at home.
  • Soul Body Fusion or Reiki energy treatment at a distance to give your energy an extra boost.

Lets get to it!

Do you want to take the first step today to reduce your complaints and start to feel like your old self again? Plan an Effortless Self session with me. I look forward to meeting you!

Yes, I want to feel like my Effortless Self again!

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