Fear & Panic

Everybody feels scared or frightened sometimes. Fear is an emotion that arises when there is a risk of danger. Often that fear is short-lived. But sometimes fear persists. And sometimes fear has been with you your whole life. To differentiate between regular fear and an anxiety disorder can be difficult.

Some complaints can be caused by fear like dizziness, blurred vision, a tingling or deaf sensation in arms/fingers, stiff muscles, palpitations and shortness of breath. Are you experiencing any of these symptoms without knowing why? Then your fear level can be so high that it turns into anxiety. There is usually a fear of dying or becoming insane present as well.

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Anxiety disorders occur more often then you think

Not everybody with fear is equally scared. Why one person develops an anxiety disorder, while the other does not is unclear. Multiple factors play into this. Almost one in every five Dutch adults have had to deal with an anxiety disorder in their lives. An anxiety disorder occurs more often in women than in men.

We also see anxiety disorders among children and adolescents fairly regularly. It is still underestimated to what extent anxiety disorders affect daily life. For many children, anxiety disorders are a big influence on how they function at home, at school and in the way they develop socially.

Treatment of fear- and panic complaints with EFT and coaching in nature

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. EFT is a powerful treatment method that is very suitable for the treatment of fear and panic.

With EFT you remove the emotional load or the tension of the tense emotions surrounding the memories ( sometimes we call this Desensitization) so that you no longer feel that load, pain or fear. It will no longer have an effect on you after the treatment so that you can let go and start to forget. EFT has a discharging effect so to say. EFT immediately changes the intensity of your emotions.

Coaching in nature: By surrounding us with beautiful landscapes, forests, heather or dunes we give ourselves a sense of freedom of living in that freedom.

By being outside and in a natural environment you will call upon this sense of freedom. And by walking next to each other, without making direct eye contact, you will experience a greater sense of individuality than when we are in a room together. With walking you will not only create more space for yourself, you will also tap into your Self-solving ability.

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