Course Handling your High Sensitivity

Get to know your own highsensitivity and learn to use it as your super power! 

When you are highly sensitive, your observation system is much more "sensitive" then the system of the average person. Sounds, images, emotions, feelings, smells and taste are experienced much more intense. This can be really nice when you want to enjoy the lovely smells of spring, the sound of singing birds and the feeling of "spring fever" in your body. But more often than not HSP's (Highly Sensitive Persons) experience this sensitivity as a burden.

For whom?

Do you recognize yourself in the following statements: 

  • I often take over other people's feelings and/or energies 
  • I sometimes feel "empty", completely drained, when I have been around certain people 
  • I find it difficult to say "no" to other people 
  • I am a "pleaser" and I want to please other people 
  • I don't find myself very important 
  • I am a perfectionist 
  • I love doing things myself and like to keep control and overview 
  • I avoid conflicts and other difficult situation 
  • I cannot stand injustice 
  • I need a lot of alone time to collect myself and to unwind
  • I can suddenly get very angry, frustrated or start to cry seemingly without a reasons (often with my partner or someone with whom I had direct contact) 

What are we going to do?

We are going to work with the following topics:

  • How does HSP affect your relationships and your work?
  • How do I set my boundaries and guard them?
  • What is my preferred life style?
  • How do I guard my energy?
  • How can I stay true to my self and find peace and balance?
  • How were my feelings handled when I was young and how did that affect my behavior?
  • Are these my emotions or someone else's?
  • What signals does my body give me and what do I do with them? 
  • How do I take in my own space and get enough "me time"?
  • How can I say "no" to others and feel good about ir?
  • How do I say "yes" to myself and take good care of myself?

The result

The goal of this course is to find a more suitable life style for you, to relieve your stress and your overstimulation, to become the boss of your own energy, your own emotions and your own stress, to discover your pitfalls but also your many qualities and to learn practical tools with which you can keep yourself in balance no matter what. You will get a whole new appreciation for who you truly are and you are not only going to embrace your sensitive side, you are going to be proud of it. 


The groupS will be small (4-6) people so that there will be enough room for individual attention and development and at the same time allow you to learn from each other also. 
Techniques I will be using are: conversation, meditation, visualization, practical exercises and tips to get to know yourself and your sensitive user manual. You wil discover your amazing qualities as an HSO. 

The course is 5 nights from 19:00- 20:30 hour and costs 249,- euro. This is including coffee, tea, snacks and a notebook and a pen. 

What other people say about the course:

"I expected you to write all sorts of things on a whiteboard about how to handle certain situations etc. But I found this informal setting to be much more to my liking. I felt really comfortable and at ease and I felt free enough to say anything that came to me. It was really good to get to experience so much recognition - 40 year HSP man from Arnhem"

"Its a real shame that the course is over after 5x, but at the same time I wonder what else is there left to learn. - 45 year HSP woman from Arnhem"

"For me the strong points were the meditation and how and why you need to be grounded. Another strong point was the contact with other HSP's and sharing "war stories" - 32 year HSP woman from Oosterbeek"

"The exercises really helped me, as did all the tips! For me the strongest part of the course were the exercises and the mediations and the space we got to tell out stories. - 56 year HSP woman from Amsterdam"

"There were not a lot of people in the course, but I quite likes that. It made me feel safe and it left room for everybody to share their stories. - 28 year HSP man from Velp"

"Contact with other HSP's was priceless, exchanging experiences, talking about what everybody felt and the pro's and cons of being an HSP was very valuable!!!! Thank you Barbera for your warm heart and kind attention!! - 37 year HSP woman from Zevenaar"

Because of the quality of the course and optimal personal attention for everybody there is only room for 4-6 people in one course. Participation is final after receiving payment.

If you want more information or to talk about your personal situation and what's right for you, please contact me :)

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