Course Handling your burnout for HSPs

Course Handling your burnout for HSPs

When you are highly sensitive, your nervous system is more sensitive than that of the 'ordinary'person. Images, sounds, emotions, feelings, smells and tastes are experienced much more intense.

This is very nice when you get to experience the sweet smell of spring or hear the birds chirping outside, but it also heightens the risk of getting a burnout. Other contributing factors are: always thinking of others instead of yourself, being a perfectionist and having trouble letting go (of control).


For Whom?

Do you recognize yourself in the following:

  • I often take over other people's emotions  
  • I often feel drained, especially when I was around certain people 
  • I am a "pleaser" and I want everybody to have a good time
  • I don't find myself important
  • I am a perfectionist
  • I like doing things myself and I like having control and overview 
  • I cannot handle injustice 
  • I need a lot of "me" time to relax and let go 
  • I suddenly can become very angry or frustrated or start to cry out of pure frustration (usually with my partner or people close to me) 
  • I find it difficult to feel my limits and I get irritated easily
  • I feel emotionally unstable and I am afraid I failed and will never find another job again 
  • I have several physical complaints and I worry they will never go away 
  • I called in sick with a burnout, but I don't know whats next or I have not experienced improvement after several months 
  • Going to a psychologist or shrink is not helping me, they don't know a thing about high sensitivity and the things they tell me I already know 

What are we going to do?

We are going to work on the following themes

  • How does high sensitivity work in relationships and at work 
  • What happened, how did I end up in my burnout 
  • How do I know what my limits are and how do I protect them 
  • What is a good life style for me, how do I protect my energy 
  • How do I stay connected to myself and how do I find peace and balance 
  • How do I prevent a future burnout from happening 
  • What are my emotions and which emotions are from others 
  • Getting to know the physical signals of my body (learning to listen to your body) 
  • Taking time and space for yourself
  • Lovingly saying no to others while saying yes to yourself 

The result

The goal is to find a more suitable lifestyle for you in which you wont experience so much stimuli and stress. To rediscover your qualities and to learn methods and tools you can use to recharge yourself and to protect yourself and your energy from others. You will learn to appreciate yourself for who you really are. To understand what happened and how to prevent the same from happening again. To be your effortless self again and to live your life full of joy and energy.

What to expect?

The groups will be small in order to provide maximum attention to the participants and their learning process. We will not only look at your high sensitivity, but also what the link is between being an HSP and you burnout.

By using meditations, conversations, practical exercises and lot of tips you will get to really know yourself and you will learn to better handle all the beautiful qualities that come with being an HSP. You will also learn how to manage your own stress level and how to remain standing in a world that can be overwhelming at times.

The course is 6 evenings from 19:00- 21:00 uur and costs 349,- euro. This is including coffee, tea, snacks and writing materials. 

What others say about the course:

"I had expected you to write all kinds of stuff on the whiteboard about how to handle certain situations and so on. But I liked this informal setting much better. You feel so at ease that you say anything that comes to mind. And its really great to find so much recognition with others. - 40-year old HSP man from Arnhem"

Its a real shame that the course is over after 5x, but at the same time I wonder what else is there left to learn. - 45 year HSP woman from Arnhem"

"For me the strong points were the meditation and how and why you need to be grounded. Another strong point was the contact with other HSP's and sharing "war stories" - 32 year HSP woman from Oosterbeek"

"The exercises really helped me, as did all the tips! For me the strongest part of the course were the exercises and the mediations and the space we got to tell out stories. - 56 year HSP woman from Amsterdam"

"There were not a lot of people in the course, but I quite likes that. It made me feel safe and it left room for everybody to share their stories. - 28 year HSP man from Velp"

"Contact with other HSP's was priceless, exchanging experiences, talking about what everybody felt and the pro's and cons of being an HSP was very valuable!!!! Thank you Barbera for your warm heart and kind attention!! - 37 year HSP woman from Zevenaar"

Attention: Because of the quality of the course and optimal personal attention for everybody there is only room for 4-6 people in one course. Participation is final after receiving payment.

If you want more information or to talk about your personal situation and what's right for you, please contact me :)

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